“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Young Confederate soldier Torquil Drummond has a pure heart for God until a Yankee officer murders his family. His world is blown to pieces; he is traumatized; his rationality is overset. Berserk for vengeance, he’s driven by his “daemon” toward spiritual and bodily destruction. He repents of vengeance and hatred and tries to walk righteously upon an earth that teeters under him, because he feels God has forsaken him and justice is dead. It’s more a sacrifice for him to live than to die. Man versus himself, man versus God, and man versus principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places, are Torquil’s battles to regain his original character and Christian faith. Through war and suffering, repentance, and striving but failing to overcome the “daemon,” he finds that only God can truly heal and redeem. Torquil’s redemption is told in three love stories: man and God, father and son, and man and woman.

Meet the Author

Aquila Dhu prefers riding a McClellan saddle, shooting a Henry rifle, driving an F-250, and–though against gambling in general–farming. She is a trained historian who revels in research to the point of re-enacting War Between the States cavalry and artillery, ransacking archives, and tracking down charcoal-fired iron furnaces. She has done hands-on construction, taught American History, and raised livestock. She is currently the church treasurer. She is happily married and shares the back yard with an occasional mountain lion on the Western Slope of Colorado.